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FlixPlay Entertainment Inc., headquartered in Canada, is a leading production company specializing in global film distribution, theater performances, and art shows. Renowned for its versatile productions, FlixPlay offers a wide array of shows across genres, appealing to diverse audiences. Our dedication to quality and innovation has established us as a prominent name in the entertainment industry across Canada, the USA, and Australia, with plans to expand further. Our deep passion for film, television, theater, and the arts has connected us with industry leaders, making our dream of bringing niche entertainment to a global audience a reality.

FlixPlay provides a comprehensive suite of services, including show and artist management, sponsor mobilization, and marketing, serving as the ultimate platform for artists and shows to showcase their talent worldwide.


  • Film Distribution: We excel in global film distribution, ensuring broad reach and engagement.

  • Theater, Concert and Stand-up Productions: We promote innovative productions featuring local and international talent, offering diverse performances.

  • Arts and Entertainment Services: We provide event planning, production management, talent sourcing, and technical support to ensure flawless events.

Achievements FlixPlay has successfully organized over 50 shows, impacting the entertainment market in Canada and internationally, from large concerts to intimate theater performances. Our global expertise ensures that projects achieve maximum visibility and success across various markets.

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